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And now comes the delicate dance of trying to pin down a defense date with the schedules of three very busy professors, all of whom tend to write very minimalistic emails. Bear in mind, I have NEVER had a meeting of my full committee because I cannot get all these people in the same room. My meetings, with a single exception, have been one-on-one appointments.

Yesterday, I wrote two of my committee members asking which was better for them; the week before Thanksgiving, or the week after. One said before, one said after. OF COURSE.

I also asked for input on their weekly schedules (so I don't schedule it while they're teaching) and got no feedback whatsoever. Sometimes I think they stop reading my messages after the first five words.

This also put me in the supremely embarassing position of having to ask one person to go with a time he specifically said was not the best choice for him. ARGH. I think it's okay now, but I still feel bad.

On the bright side: second draft of background done, first draft of methods done, results starting today, defense powerpoint started yesterday. Progress.

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