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I read an interesting survey a few days ago about the characters in children's TV or movies that frightened or creeped you out the most. Here's mine. Feel free to chime in:

*Lady Elaine Fairchild (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)
*Willy Wonka (in the first movie)
*the sorceress/book in the first Care Bears movie
*Professor Coldheart in another Care Bears movie (who kidnapped lost children and turned them into frog-slaves)
*Animal (The Muppet Show)
*That one time in Sesame Street when Bert and Ernie explore an ancient temple, and a statue keeps coming alive
*Skeletor (He-Man)
*the whole dinosaur sequence in Fantasia
*Cruella deVil (101 Dalmations), in one of the last shots when she has the creepy eyes
*the skeleton in Last Unicorn, who went on to be my wonderful Odo in DS9
*Unsolved Mysteries, which doesn't technically count, but I still watched it as a kid and it terrified me on a regular basis. Robert Stack had the perfect voice for that ("...and she was never seeeeeen againnnn."), and the theme music still makes me shivery in bad ways.
*Krang in TMNT (because...ew)
*Anything directed by Don Bluth (to this day!)
*the part in the preview for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids where the kid almost gets eaten by his dad

Mmm, cathartic!
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