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Another public service announcement

One of the things I love about Scrubs is its consistently excellent and original soundtrack. It's uncommon for them to use songs I've ever heard before, and in the last few months, it's been a great source of songs with which I have brief but fierce obessions (ending only when the next song comes along). I'm especially pleased because I have a thinly-disguised distaste for most popular radio music (repetitive, annoying, predictable), and these selections soothe me like cherry cough drops.

Today it is Joshua Radin's "Closer," and I cannot possibly listen to it enough. I would distill it into liquid and inject it if only I had a Bunsen burner and some glass tubing. Edit: Why am I ever NOT listening to this song?

Some others:

Old 97's: "Question"
Del Amitri: "Tell Her This"
Martin Sexton: "Diner"
Fountains of Wayne: "All Kinds of Time"

Other recent non-Scrubs obsessions:

Sia: "Breathe Me" (found in a PostSecret video)
Unkle: "Lonely Soul" (from the Assassin's Creed demo at PAX)

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