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Insurance stories are not interesting

Well, after four months, a ream of computer mailings and invoices, several hours of phone calls to Virginia Mason, my insurance company, and Boeing Total Access (since nobody ever talks to each other), some frantic faxing after an insurance payment was taken back, some VERY long questionnaires, more faxing, sending of checks (one of which was delayed in the mail for two weeks, wtf), and some nail biting, here is the result:

1. My knee surgery is now completely paid for.
2. My old insurance on COBRA is now ended.
3. My new insurance (jointly with Tyler) application is approved and we are covered as of two days ago.

This is news worthy of CAKE.

We also, after two and a half months of marriage, finally took my car in to get the "JUST MARRIED!" paint washed off it. With as much rain as we get here, we honestly didn't think it would last this long, but it did. It was such a nice connection to our friends that I didn't want to wash it off, and it was a pretty fun conversation starter...people are really nice to newlyweds, as it turns out.

Fun fact: I used to be afraid of car washes, and the one we went to yesterday was quite similar to the one that made me cry when I was little.

Was it still scary? Yes.

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