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Over the last month or more, I've been getting bug-bitten. The first time it was all over my left leg, but every time after that it's always been limited to a very precise place: my ankles. Tyler and I go for evening walks almost every night, and I was wondering if something out there was biting me. But why not him? Tyler has not gotten a single bite.

Then I wondered if maybe it was something about my clothes. I washed all my clothes and the bedsheets in hot water. Still the bites on my ankles, but none on Tyler.

Then we went to Victoria. I got no new bites there, and the ones I had faded. When we came back, I wore a special pair of uber-fuzzy socks that I almost never wear, and got no new bites.

Then the day before yesterday, I put on a pair of brand-new socks, and wore them around the house for two days. My feet were cold last night, so I slept in them. I woke up this morning with four new bites, two on each foot.

Here's what I don't understand:
*They're really nice socks...the Ulti-Max hiking socks from REI. I've been wearing this type of sock for years and never had a problem.
*It's not hives or a rash. It is clearly BITES, and damn itchy ones too.
*We don't have any pets.
*Tyler has yet to get a single bite.
*If it's something wrong with the socks, why ONLY the ankle and not on the rest of the foot or my legs?
*Why the bites, after the socks have been repeatedly washed in hot, soapy water?

I'm incredibly frustrated. We don't have a lot of money to spend on electricity and so our apartment's pretty cold, and I need to wear something warm on my feet. But I can't figure this out.

Tyler's currently got the offending socks stewing in a bucket of boiling water, just to see if that fixes the problem.

Any thoughts or wisdom?

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