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I am in Seattle until Thursday, taking my Wilderness First Aid class. Today was awesome. I still have an enormous fake bruise on my side that I'm kinda reluctant to wash off. I expected it to be a pretty dull class (especially because lots of things get old after 16 hours), but so far, I'm totally fascinated.

Today we learned about head and spinal injuries, all the stuff that goes into patient assessment (the same level of assessment that EMT's learn, actually), and went through some really fun diagnostic role-playing. Once you learn assessment, it's fun to come across a body in a field and try to figure out what's wrong with the person, or glean out all the relevant information.

I got to reenact the disorientation and pain following my own seizure from 9th grade. One of my partners turned out to be on antidepressants and had a massive fecal impaction. Then our instructor demonstrated a combative head injury patient, complete with fake blood and vomit.

This post sounds really shallow, but I'm really learning a lot and I'm very excited that we get to do so much practicing on people.

bluemoonshark, are you free one of these evenings?

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