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Tyler and I just got back from the farmer's market, a pumpkin farm (cocoa!), the co-op, and Safeway. We now have:

*3 big carving pumpkins
*1 red Cinderella pumpkin
*1 butternut squash
*2 acorn squash
*1 spaghetti squash
*2 heirloom pumpkins (green, skinny)
*1 sweet onion
*1 head garlic
*2 quarts nog


Here is what I did in Seattle last week:

*Got certified for Wilderness First Aid (16 hours)
*Found a lost child in the mall (4 year old)
*Took my Mom to a new doctor
*Found a teeny-tiny bamboo cutting board
*Decorated Mom and Dad's house for Halloween-Thanksgiving.
*Bought a new shower cap that, frankly, looks like a condom (with resevoir tip)
*Cut off three inches of my hair.

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