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An interesting image meme ganked from spadoink

The basic rule is that you type the answer to the question into a google image search, then post a picture in answer (from the first page).

First off, let me just say it was too tempting to not post weirder images rather than the most straightforward ones. For example, my response to question #1, rather than a big sign that just said "Interstate 26." As a result, some of these may be a little nonsensical.

1. Age I will be at my next birthday:

2. A place I'd like to travel:

(it is New Zealand)

3. A favourite place:

4. Favourite object:

5. Favourite animal:

(but not the only one)

6. Favourite colour:

7. City where I was born:

8. City where I live:

9. Name of a past pet:

10. Name of a former love:

11. Your birthday:

12. Screen-name or nickname:

13. First name:

14. Last name:

15. Bad habit of yours:

16. First job:

17. Grandmother's name:

18. Major in college:

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