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Riddle me this

A semi-urgent Powerpoint question:

I have my defense presentation set up so that the bulleted text in the text boxes appears sequentially with every click (basically, you don't get to read my points until I'm ready for you to read them). I also have images that appear and disappear with clicks, and arrows that appear. I've practiced this on my laptop many times, and I've had no trouble.

But today I gave a practice talk with a projector, and I had no END of trouble with the animation. Everything was appearing before I wanted it to, as if it was on a timer. Stuff was showing up when on the new slides before I was ready, talking points B and C were showing up before I was finished with point A.

I don't have ANY of my animations timed...they're all supposed to be on mouseclick.

I didn't load the presentation onto a new computer. I plugged the projector right into my own laptop and ran it from there.


Also, the color translation on this projector is vomitous.

EDIT: You are no help, LiveJournal.

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