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I made to New Mexico safe and sound, and have been having a great time so far. Here's what's happened:

*Witnessed a fight between a group of five stupid and pushy passengers and a flamingly gay flight attendant who wasn't going to take any of their crap. Southwest now has a new boarding thing where you get a number (A 1-40, B 1-40, C 1-40) and you board in that order, but then you can sit whereever you want on the plane. The Group of Five didn't understand this and kept bullying the attendant to let them on. They got belligerent and asked for his name so they could complain. Other passengers backed him up and asked for his name so they could call and praise him. I still got a window seat.

*Had lunch with Schulyer (friend) in Albuquerque.

*Drove up into the Jemez with Tyler, Dee (mom-in-law), Claudia (family friend), and two dogs (Loki and Diggory) and hiked around in the snow to find a good Christmas tree. It was sunny and cold and beautiful and we had a blast.

*Spent a day in Santa Fe doing some Christmas shopping with Dee. Had some awesome huevos rancheros for lunch (I missed New Mexican food SO BAD) and did some grocery shopping.

*Played with Taylor Kate, my 6-month old niece (born the day before my birthday).

*Stayed up very late for several nights at Mike's house, playing Guitar Hero and Assassin's Creed. I love them both. Now that my schooling is over, I'm thinking about picking up a gaming console and actually getting into games myself, rather than watching other people play. Assassin's Creed is awesome, and I suck at Guitar Hero but am getting better (my favorite is "Heart-Shaped Box").

*Leaned how to make little fairies from Jeni (awesome new sister-in-law) out of wire, thread, silk flowers, and beads. Made my own little foliage fairy last night. Jeni's been making a ton for her family and customers at Starbucks who have seen them and ordered them in droves.

*Observed some movie being filmed in town at the moment, down on Canyon Road. It's called Brothers and apparently stars Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. I walked by the UNM campus last night and got an unexpected peek inside the wardrobe trailers.

*Read books in front of the fire and been content.

Off to decorate....

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