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Part 1: Kitty

Normal cats: curl up in a ball?
Pan-cat: sprawls out on his back, paws in every direction

We are dying of teh cuteness.

The Pan-cat went for his first vet visit on Monday with the World's Most Talkative Vet. He established that Pan had no mites or fleas, then treated him for mites and fleas and sold us a treatment for mites and fleas. What? Pan was still intact, and the Humane Society said this was because he was a little young to be neutered. The vet said that was crazy talk, and we brought Pan back the next day to get snipped. I had every intention of neutering that cat, although the night before, the realization that I was taking away another being's ability to procreate festered in me a little bit (but didn't change my mind). He was gone the whole long, boring, cat-free day, but he's back with us now and just as crazy as ever.

Part 2: Cracked up
When we drove back to Port Angeles a few days ago, the front right tire was making an ominous hissing sound, but we couldn't find anything wrong with it. Yesterday, after we ran errands (first time the Pan-cat was alone), we heard the same sound from the OPPOSITE tire (rear left), and we did feel air coming out. The rubber appeared to be cracked. I inched the car forward and the crack closed and the noise stopped, but the tire was pretty low this morning. We filled it up and I'll be getting new tires tomorrow, when I go home for Mom's birthday. Weird that I had two tires go out at once.

Part 3: I hate Sprint
I don't need a cell phone any more, and I want to be rid of mine. But there's an early termination fee of $150, so I did what I did last time...put my phone on a $5 a month vacation plan to last until the end of the contract, after which I'd terminate.

Well, I got a letter from Sprint saying that my vacation time was ending and they were going to put me back on a regular plan. I called to clear this up and learned two things. One, you can only do a vacation plan for 6 months now, and two, they changed the rules so that the time you're on a vacation delays the termination of your contract, which means there's no way I can get out of this hellish phone labyrinth without coughing up $150, because, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Spring hates its customers. I highly de-recommend them.

Part 4: Sushi!
I made sushi! It was good.

Part 5: Broken
My parents bought Tyler and I a really great TV/DVD player for Christmas. But our DVD's keep freezing in it...our brand-new out-of-the-package DVD's, and they freeze in random, non-repeating we know it's a problem with the player. So we have to return the TV and get a different one, and I feel like a heel because it was a gift.

Back to the job applications...

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