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I brought 6 helium balloons home for Tyler's birthday.

Helium balloons with long curly strings.

Nothing in the world is as cute as Pan romping around the apartment, dragging a balloon behind him. Even if the balloons are a little more short-lived because of the way he likes to play.

In other news, still job-hunting and trying to not be discouraged. Despite my emphasis on ecology, the sad reality is that most job availabilities in natural resources focus on harvest work, especially with our current presidential administration. The internet is flush with vacancies at fish hatcheries and timber sales, but not much else for permanent work. Lots of summer temp jobs, especially for firefighters, which I don't want and would be bad at anyway. Department of Ecology has work for toxic waste cleanup, which is frankly the sort of work I went to college to avoid. Nature Conservancy mostly wants summer workers. Weyerhaeuser wants engineers and salepeople. Everybody wants 2 or 3 years of experience already doing that job before you apply for it. Overall, that doesn't leave much. I've sent in a few applications for things that look good, but haven't heard anything yet. Then again, I've only been looking for a week.

I have no pride, so let me know if you hear anything good.

Tyler gets his knee surgery next Tuesday. After that, he'll be barred from most physical stuff (hiking on difficult terrain, running, etc.) for up to a year.

This is almost like a sad 19th century novel. Man gets crippled, wife has to find a job to support the family. All that's standing between me and a book deal is 8-10 children and consumption.

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