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Just a quick post, but Tyler's surgery went great. The new zombie graft is in place with no complications, and the old torn, bunched-up ACL and torn miniscus are gone.

We got to the hospital this morning at 6:00 AM and left at about 2:00 PM. I was a little worried, because the general anesthesia hit Tyler pretty hard and he's been really nauseated. He threw up once on the way out of the hospital, once at about 3:00 right after taking his first pain pills and antibiotic (took them again), and once again about an hour ago, after trying to eat come crackers and tea. I went to the store for saltines, and that seemed to help...we did the second round of pills about 45 minutes ago and they've stayed down, and he's conked out on the futon with the cat. I think he'll feel better after a good long sleep and the stuff has worked its way out of his system.

Pan was a spaz after nobody to play with all day, but he hasn't tried to shred Tyler's dressing or attack the crutches, which is good for all involved.

They installed a drain on Tyler's leg (which is really cool, by the way...sort of a suction bag), and we emptied about 200 cc's of blood out of it about an hour ago. It's more than I wanted to see, but not enough that we need to call the hospital. We'll go back at 7:30 AM tomorrow to have that taken out, along with the huge dressing and the sexy embolism stockings, and then I'll head to Enumclaw for my job interview (3-ish hour drive south).

Feel free to stop by his journal (mountain_child and leave him a note. :)

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