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The interview last Wednesday went well. It was a long drive down the Kitsap Peninsula, then up through Tacoma, then east through the Muckleshoot reservation. I'd never been to Enumclaw before. It was okay...cold and wet for wintertime, but with the promise of better things in spring and summer. I didn't have any trouble finding the place. I feel like the interview went well...answered some personal questions, then some situational questions about how I might handle X or Y. Then the person who would be my immediate supervisor took me to her office and had me edit a business letter, which was a piece of cake. I feel like I did a really good job, and even if I don't get hired, it doesn't change the fact that I did a really good job.

The I spent a night up in Seattle with my family, in order to resolve a TV situation. My parents bought Tyler and I a really nice flatscreen TV for Christmas, so now we didn't have to watch our DVD's crowded around our laptops with little travel speakers plugged in. Unfortunately, the TV we were given immediately had a problem with the DVD's freezing up all the time, even new discs (it was a TV/DVD combo). A little online research showed that this is a chronic problem with this particular brand. Great.

So, we returned the TV and got a separate DVD player and a new TV. It wasn't in stock at the store, but it came in the mail a week or so later, right before Tyler's surgery. The problem with THIS TV was that it only had one aspect ratio...16:9, for widescreen. Anything we had that wasn't widescreen (a lot of stuff), got laterally stretched so all the characters looked like frogs. Not cool.

So, I returned this one too and went to Best Buy. I found a really great TV model there that did everything we wanted it to do, had good sound and picture quality and a very user-friendly menu, and was actually several hundred dollars on sale (I had previously ruled this one out because of its price). Because it's on sale, all the stores and warehouses are sold the hell out, but I was able to get on the phone and order one at the good price. It won't be delivered until the end of the month, and they don't deliver to Port Angeles (we sent it to Mom and Dad's place), but the wait will be worth it, and then we'll finally have a great, reliable, user-friendly screen to watch our movies on.

So, now I'm back in PA, working on more job applications and keeping an eye on Tyler, who's doing just fine. I applied for a great-sounding job in Klamath Falls yesterday, and it outwardly looked like I was qualified, but the application questions mostly asked about my personal on-the-job experience with statutes like NEPA and the ESA. After a long cascade of "not applicable," I'm fairly sure nobody's going to call.

My throat is sore and my right nostril is clogged and my body feels delicate and my head feels achy and muzzy. I think I'm getting sick.


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