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The 'rents

Sorry I've been gone for a few parents have been here, visiting from Seattle, and they just left a few minutes ago.

We had a pretty good time. They arrived on Friday afternoon, mom latched onto my arm immediately, and didn't let go until a few minutes ago. We hung out in my room for awhile (let's face room is cool), then I walked them through the campus for a bit. Mom's been here twice before, but the campus is locked up on weekends, so this was the first time she'd ever been inside the buildings. Dad hasn't been here since he dropped me off in Aug 2000, and I didn't know the campus any better than he did then. We came back to my room for more hanging out, then we picked up Tyler for dinner at Casa de Oro. The food was great...I got leftovers for my fridge, along with two six-packs of Vernors, 3 orders of vegetarian Thai curry, and a bowl of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, all of which my mom brought for me. After dinner we went back to the hotel and the four of us played Cranium. Mom said she didn't like it, but I think she's lying.


I took Tyler home that night, and stayed at the hotel with my parents. I'd missed being able to sleep in a big bed, so hen they went out for dinner the next morning, I stayed in bed and read the 10th anniversary issue of The Stranger that they'd brought for me (how I miss it). I took Mom and Dad on a drive around Moscow Mountain, which took about an hour and a half, and the scenery was lovely. We got back into town around 11, and shopped around a bit...Mom got me a sweet tye-dye shirt and clay necklace at Tye-Dye Everything, and 2 cool halter tops for this summer. we checked out the bookstore too...I got a cozy sweatshirt and a Barbara Kingsolver book I've wanted for awhile (Animal Dreams), and Mom got a foozy blue sweatshirt.

After that, we went back to my room...I changed and Dad changed back at the hotel, and then he picked us up for my Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremony. It's an honor society for the top 7% of juniors and 10% of seniors at the school, if they choose to accept. I was the only person in the CNR that was inducted. GOt a nice certificate and pin and everything. The president showed us pictures of his trip to Australia, for some reason. He also taught us how to pronounce the PKP motto "Let the love of learning rule mankind". Apparently, philosophia is pronounced not "fil-oh-so-FEE-uh", but "fill-ah-SO-fluh". -_- Right.

I went back to the house after that, Mom and Dad went shopping. Dad needed some memory for his digital camera (I'm borrowing it for a week eeeeeeeeee!) and Mom decided she couldn't live without mascara for another 24 hours. I spent that time doing my EconH homework (due the day of the midterm, how nice) and packing. I had so much junk down in the trunk room from last year, and so much useless junk THIS year, I had to do something. So we loaded up the monsterous Tahoe with all my garbage. I feel so much lighter.

I thought they might want to see the new rec center (remind me to post about that later) and where I stayed in Wallace last summer, so we did that. Then it was to Tyler and Mike's, whom we picked up (amidst a cloud of hairspray fumes from the apartment next door, which Mike tried unsuccessfully to ignite) and took to the Mongolian Barbeque, which was delicious. Bamboo shoots and noodley thingies (Maile only) and snow peas and gingers and all sorts of goodness. I took the leftovers back to my fridge. We went back to the hotel afterward and played was dead set that she liked that game more, and ended up not even playing. She kept time instead. 0_o

I drove Tyler and Mike back afterward, then came back to the hotel and watched Battle Bots before bed. This morning we dined at The Breakfast Club, which meant I had plenty of leftovers again. Tyler pointed out that between the food in my fridge and the oxygen-producing plants in my room, I could live completely self-contained in this room if it weren't for lack of a bathroom. Perish the thought. Dad took the new ZIP drive out of my computer (didn't work--I have too many devices already), and we packed up. They headed out just a few minutes ago, and I started typing as soon as the feeling returned to my arm.

I've still got lots to do today. Economics is done, but I have my first exam tomorrow, and I'm a little worried. I also have to do a paper and response for Wildland Restoration on Tuesday, and work on the study questions for Wednesday's genetics exam. Zemestra won't be there, so I have to have the questions ready for him tomorrow.

Hope all of you are doing well.

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