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Cooking sucks; send help

1. I have tried for years to make good Thai curry and failed. The essentials are all there, but the taste...the deep savory goodness (umami?) is just not there, and I always wind up with a pot of spicy salty milk.

I think a major reason for this is that I always omit one of the ingredients that I see listed in recipe after recipe for Thai sauce. We're vegetarian and can't eat it. I'm also not sure if the curry paste I've been using is the best (Thai Kitchen, red or green in a little jar).

Does anyone have some advice for a sauce that could replace fish sauce in curry (or other recipes), or at least get close enough to it that my end result tastes good? Also, any time-tested foolproof Thai recipes of your own would be greatly appreciated. I had some sort of spicy eggplant dish here in town that I'd love to replicate.

2. Pan seems to think bathroom time is social hour. I won't elaborate too much on this.

i need a job

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