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We're almost to our 1-month Paniversary. W00t! M30W!

Here are the things that Pan likes to do:
1. Nibble our fingers.
2. Nibble my toes, but not Tyler's. Harder than I would really like. Not sure how to deal with this.
3. Run around the house at top speed for no reason.
4. Slink into the bedroom whenever the door is opened for a picosecond, not because there is anything interesting there, but because it is forbidden.
5. Crawl into the cupboard under the kitchen sink (see #4).
6. Curl up between us at dinner and watch movies (this is very good).
7. Use his litterbox while I am using the toilet, just to be sociable.
8. Check on me during my baths to make sure I am okay.
9. Not come when he is called (we keep doors closed in the apartment to minimize heat loss).
10. Crawl around under an overturned basket and pretend to be a Horta.
11. Sleep on his little chair.
12. Investigate what I am eating.
13. Interrupt my eating for more playtime.
14. Play hockey with his kibbles.
15. Play soccer with his various toy balls, which he is very good at.
16. Hide in the recycle bin and pounce on us when we come by.
17. Keep Tyler company while he's on the computer.
18. Climb on the bookshelves.
19. Look inside the refrigerator.
20. Pounce on the water faucet.
21. Attack the cat in the sliding glass door reflection, but not the cat in the bathroom mirror.
22. Pronk.
23. Knead my ears with claws.
24. Knead my neck with claws.
25. Purr directly down my ear canal when I am reading so that my kneecaps vibrate.
26. Sleep on his back.
27. Chase the laser dot.
28. Get tangled up in play ribbons.
29. Attack and chew on the kitchen rug. This is also to be discouraged.
30. Sharpen claws on his scratching post and nowhere else. Good kitty.
31. Sit on the windowsill and watch birds at the suet feeder.
32. Sit on the rug and watch hummingbirds at the sugar feeder.
33. Explore the balcony.
34. Make Tribble sounds.
35. Dispense love.

Pan is an AWESOME CAT. I'm amazed we managed to get a cat that was so perfect for us, and that we like so well.

It was a good day today. I finished another job application (probably my 12th in two weeks, a botany job in Cottage Grove, OR), got a lovely phone call from bluemoonshark and MSN conversation with shrike30, and a surprise phone call from shaylith, so we really felt surrounded by friends today, which was wonderful. We miss having friends to chum around with.

Best of all, bluemoonshark and shrike30 are coming to visit this weekend, so YAY. We're excited. I'm planning meals already. Interestingly, one of Tyler's coworkers asked us to housesit for him again (we did it for a week a few months ago when I was in the last throes of my thesis), so we'll be there for a lot of the time. It'll be nice, since they have a big pretty house with a gorgeous view and a comfy gas fireplace. The catch is that our biggest responsibility is taking care of their two cats, Mia and Maggie, and their dog Toby. They're all nice animals, but the coworkers don't know we have a cat of our own now and it wouldn't be fair to the other pets to bring an intruder along with us, so Pan may have to spend a night or two alone at our apartment (we'll visit him during the day so he doesn't feel left out).

I'm a little nervous about it, because I don't want him to feel abandoned or stressed. We've left him alone for hours before, like the day Tyler had his surgery, but never a whole night. It's not too much of a change because he doesn't sleep with us anyway, but still. I don't want him to freak out and poop on stuff.

It's a bit of a hassle for us to do the housesitting because of Pan, but we need a change of scene, and we could also use the extra money. We didn't expect money last time, but we were given some thank-you cash at the end of our stay before and if it happens again, it would be very welcome.

I'm starting to be really curious about where we'll end up. I've applied for jobs in Seattle, Enumclaw, Colville, and Olympia in Washington, and Portland, Corvallis, Klamath Falls, Cottage Grove, Chincopin, and Eugene, Oregon. I've looked at jobs in Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, and even Hawaii. I wonder where we'll be a year from now.

A number of my job applications closed just this weekend, so I'm hoping to hear something soonish.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to post about this. I woke up late on Saturday morning, drove like a bat to Seattle, and ended up missing my precinct's vote at the caucus by 10 minutes. SUCK. However, the disappointment was mitigated by the fact that I called my parents before I left (their house is still my registered voting address) and they ended up deciding to go (they weren't going to before), and they both made the voting decision that I would have made (Obama), so I still feel like my vote counted. I saw an old high school acquaintance as I was leaving and didn't go over to say hello. I'm still not sure why I didn't.

Then I bought cat food and a new toilet brush, visited with my parents, and drove back.

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