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I know I complain about canker sores a lot, but this is a bit much.

At some point earlier this week, my mouth simply erupted with them. I've had some awful ones over the years, and none of these are particularly bad. The major issue is that, at last count, I have at least nine of them.


They're under my lips in all four quadrants of my mouth, under my tongue, on my gums, and in my throat. I'm doing okay now, but I know they're going to get worse for the next few days, and then I don't know how I'll eat anything. Brushing my teeth now is bad enough. My mouth is like a minefield of pain.

I don't know why I have this problem. I've had canker sore issues as long as I can remember. I can always depend on one to show up if I break the tissues inside my mouth, like accidentally chomping on my lip, but I've never had a spontaneous outbreak like this. Did I suck on some uranium or something?

My lymph nodes are swollen too. It's a little painful when I turn my head to the left.


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