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Yesterday, Tyler and I decided we needed to upgrade Pan's kitty supplies and drove to the Petco in Sequim (with Pan, in a cardboard box). We came back with a fleece kitty bed, cat carrier (for car trips), 40 lbs of cat food (there was a sale), a ball on a spring, a six-foot "Kitty Fun Tunnel", an engraved license tag (he's microchipped, but just in case), four new balls,* and a new litterbox (larger and taller, to discourage him from turning our bathroom into his private sandbox every two days).

Today, Pan rewarded our generosity by falling into the toilet.


He is still so worth it.

I've definitely noticed him growing up some. For starters, he's getting pretty close to his adult size (I think), and I'm all sad and nostalgic for the Tiny Cat That Was. He's still really playful, but he's been better about claw sheathing and not biting very hard. He still has a huge facination with water and will sit on the bathroom counter while I brush my teeth so he can pounce on the water in the sink (he gets toothpaste drool on his ears for this, but that is his own fault). And he's still very warm and snuggly and lets us pick him up. Tyler's morning naps have gone into extra hours this week because Pan's been plopping down on his chest right when Tyler's ready to get up.

*Since Pan likes to bat and chase things, his collection of balls has grown quite extensive. So far it includes SpringBall, SqueakBall, JingleBall, MiniTennisBall, Dad'sTennisBall, RattleyBall, and SparkleBall. He also has SpringMouse, SqueakMouse, DeadMouse, RejectedMouse, a bit of knotted fleece, a mini Slinky from spadoink and uniqueunorque's wedding favors, at least three sticks with stuff tied to them, an array of toilet paper tubes, and the RamenBox. SPOILED.
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