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So, WTF have I been doing, and where TF have I been?

Here is the deal. It's probably certain enough now that I can talk about it.

It's looking very much like Tyler and I are going to be at Taylor Ranch this summer (now it's called Taylor Wilderness Research Station, which will take some getting used to). Tyler's applying for the Assistant Manager position, and I'm applying for the Administrative Assistant position. The reason I say it's certain is because the ranch managers specifically want us for the jobs and have rewritten the job descriptions specifically for us. My job is actually a new one that I first proposed they create for me last year, to fill a need that I saw at the ranch.

The reason I've been quiet about it is that we've spent the last month waiting and wondering and biting our fingernails about it.

First, Tyler and I had to decide if that's what we really wanted to do. It's a seasonal position, although a good one...5 months for me and 9 months for him, and the only costs are food. But it also means that we have to pack up our apartment and put everything in storage. It wasn't what we were hoping for, which was permanent jobs and maybe buying a house and putting down roots.

Second, Tyler had to get the approval of his doctor and physical therapist for the work he's be doing. This meant we had to talk to the doctor, then ask the managers for a detailed list of Tyler's work requirements, then wait for the doctor to cogitate and respond, then relay that information to the ranch and get their reply. This took over a MONTH.

Third, we had to send that information to the UI HR people, to make sure it was okay with them. It's been over a week and a half and we still have heard nothing. If we see the job posted on the UI job site, we'll know that we've been approved to go ahead.

The scary thing is that they want us on the ranch on April 11th, which means every day we wait is a day we lose for packing and preparing (shopping for 5 months of food is no joke). It also means that the phone interviews happen 4 days before we're expected to be there, which everyone realizes is ridiculous, but that's the way it is. In other words, we have to take a leap of faith and pack up our home before we even interview for the job. If we didn't know that the managers specifically want us for this job and are specifically listing the job in the most minimal and brief way possible (and that they have final say over hiring), I'd be scared to death.

I have so much stuff to DO. I need to have a doctor's appointment to fill my prescriptions over the summer. We need to buy a storage locker and sort out all our belongings. We need to figure out how we're going to move furniture into a U-Haul with Tyler's bad knee. We need to make sure all of Pan's travel needs are met. We need to plan menus and buy rodent-proof containers. We need to call our landlords.

I'm down about it, just because the waiting is killing me. I've been sitting here in my living room since last August, writing my thesis, waiting for revisions, making revisions, preparing my defense, applying for jobs...I'm just ready for something to HAPPEN.

And the fact that I spent a solid TWO MONTHS searching and applying for jobs and getting exactly one phone call back was no boost to my self-esteem either. Tyler gets credit for landing Taylor Ranch, not me. I feel like that whole two months was a waste of time. I could have just as easily gone to Vegas with my Dad like I planned for that whole two months, for all the good it did me.

I'm excited we'll (probably) be at the ranch this summer. I'm sad I'll be away from my family and friends. I'm worried about how yet another temporary UI job will shape up on my resume. I'm scared that I'll fly out in September and still not find work.

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