Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

spadoink invented a meme!

everyone knows what comfort foods are. the foods that you go and eat when you're sick, or down or just want to feel warm, cozy and kind of bring back happier times. well this is a meme of comfort categories. for each category, list 5 (or more if you like) comfort things matching the category.

Categories(feel free to add more if you can think of them)

1) comfort foods
2) comfort music (artist for sure, album if you like)
3) comfort activities
4) comfort books (a hard one - things you return to. types of books you read. authors or titles)
5) comfort places

comfort foods
1) My Mom's oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies.
2) Ramen stew (oriental Top Ramen with a scrambled egg and lots of hot pepper)
3) Anything Tyler cooks and brings to me when I'm sick or in the dumps.
4) Little salty munchy things like pumpkin seeds.
5) Black beans and rice...most things over rice, actually.
6. Poached eggs on toast, like my mom makes.
7. Cream of wheat, like my mom makes.

comfort music
1) Oldies. I listened to a lot of 97.3 with my Dad when I was growing up.
2) House techno, especially driving in the city at night with the volume cranked up.
3) Soundtracks from campy musicals. I've listened to a lot of Hairspray this week.
I like lots of music, but those are the three kinds that I guess would stand out as always making me feel good.

comfort activities
1) Reading.
2) Eating while reading.
3) Watching DS9 with Tyler and talking about it.
4) Walking on the beach, especially at the ocean.
5) Flying my kites, especially my Prism.
6) Pieceing my quilt, crocheting, or doing other small work with my hands.
7) Snuggling with Tyler.

argh the cat just came and laid on my arm and this is har dnow

comfort books
1. All books are comfort books.

comfort places
1) My bed, under a deep comforter with a rice pillow at my feet.
2) In the shower.
3) At home in the backyard I grew up in, especially in my tree.
4) Underwater.
5) Under stars.
6. Under trees.

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