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So, I think I figured out what my knee problem is.

Just for information, the knee is not better, but it's not much worse, either. It swelled a little bit more over the last few days, but nothing like the massive swelling that appeared overnight last week.

I looked at a lot of diagnostic websites, but didn't find anything that sounded right. It's not an ACL injury, because the knee's totally stable. It's not a tendon issue, because I can extend my knee just fine (there's very little pain at all). It's not gout, because there's no pain in my other joints or redness at all, and I'm not at risk for gout anyway. It's probably not a torn miniscus, because I don't feel the same pain or clicking or popping I did with the miniscus in my other knee.

What I DO think it is, is bursitis. It's an inflammation of the fluid sacs around my knee.

Here's why I think that:
1. The week before the swelling happened, I was doing a lot of stuff around the apartment that had me squatting down near the floor. I noticed that it was a little hard and painful to get up from this.
2. We spent two days doing a lot of walking.
3. Two nights before the swelling, I spent an hour or so before bed reading on my hands and knees on a hard floor.

Now, here's the causes of bursitis (from
1. Stress and direct trauma to a joint, such as with repeated bumping or prolonged pressure from kneeling.
2. Repetitive kneeling while installing tiles, scrubbing a floor, gardening or doing other activities that place pressure on your knees.

The symptoms are just stiffness, swelling, a little inflammation, and pressure, which is exactly what I have.

So, I'm decently sure about this. And if it IS bursitis, then I shouldn't expect it to get better for at least another week, as long as I keep doing what I'm doing (rest, anti-inflammatories, ice, elevation). Which would explain why it's not better yet. It also won't do me much good to go to a doctor, since X-rays and MRI's will only eliminate other diagnoses, and the most a doctor can do is drain the fluid (already done) or inject a corticosteroid (helps heal faster).

I'm wary of self-diagnosing stuff, but I think this is pretty right on. And if I'm right, then I don't have anything to worry about...just rest and be nice to my knee, and I'll be fine for this summer and I don't need to pay for surgery.

I just need to get some kneepads.

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