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Right before I left on Semester at Sea, I downloaded iTunes onto my laptop because I had just gotten an iPod. I didn't have time to upload all my music from my desktop computer, so I just took a selection. Although much of the remainder has trickled into my laptop since then, some of it hasn't...and because my iPod is my main music source now, that means I have a lot of music that I haven't heard for a few years. And the biggest glut of that, by far, was my oldies music (clarification: oldies = music that is older than me). All 375 songs of it.

I almost forgot how much I missed this stuff. This is the stuff I listened to in the workshop with my Dad when I was growing up. It's what I listened to when I moved to college. This is what I listened to on sunny weekends my Freshman year in Moscow, driving the loop around Moscow Mountain with my windows down and the volume cranked up to full. It's the music I associate with being happy and utterly carefree.

That being said, I fully recognize that there are a lot of songs out there that are really awful, no matter how much I love them.

So, here's a little survey. What are some of your favorite bad songs? The ones you're a little ashamed to admit you like? C'mon, we're all friends here. Look, I'll go first.

The Buoys "Timothy"
Reason: This song is the catchiest song about cannibalism that I've ever heard.

America "Muskrat Love"
Reason: Oh God. I'm a monster.

Starship "We Built This City"
Reason: Blender ranked this the #1 Most Awesomely Bad Song ever. The editor set a record for listening to this song by locking himself in a Plexiglas booth with it for 24 hours straight. Hell with you all, this song is great.

Styx "Mr. Roboto"
Reason: I actually first heard this song in a really campy car commercial. Now whenever I hear it, it makes me laugh. In a good way.

There are some more current ones that I like, but I'll save those for another day.

So, dump a few of your favorite bad songs on here. Please. Tell me I'm not alone.

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