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Job update!

There is none! HA HA HA.

Since the ranch managers can't legally tell us we definitely have the position, Tyler and I decided that we would take the posting of the job announcement as our signal that we should start packing...because the announcement is going to be specifically written with us in mind. We felt like that would be a safe gamble to make. We don't want to move out of our apartment and then suddenly find out we weren't approved, and that we're jobless AND homeless. The managers had approved us but UI hadn't necessarily, so we decided to wait for the posting.

So, we waited, and waited, and waited. We waited for about three weeks, most of March! Then we emailed the managers. They said it wasn't really anyone's fault because it took so long for us to contact them with Tyler's doctor info, but they expected it to be up soon. That was right before they went on a two-week trip (we were going to ranch-sit during this trip, but we opted not to because we expected to be packing).

So, two weeks go by. We check the job site obsessively, like I do when tracking a package from Amazon.

The other day, we get an email from them. They were shocked that the job had STILL not been posted. They contacted UI and were assured that it would be up sometime that day, or by noon the next day (yesterday) at the latest. It wasn't.

So we emailed them and they contacted UI and they were assured that it would be up sometime today.

Anyone see where this is going?

So it wasn't up today, and UI is closed during the weekend, and the earliest it can possibly be up is Monday, which is the date that we were actually supposed to be interviewed. Let me emphasize how late this is: We had planned to be moved out of the apartment this week. We had planned to be at the ranch by the middle of next week. At the moment, we haven't even packed a single box.

Tyler is doing okay. But I am the obsessive planner of the two of us and I am going quietly insane. All I feel I can do is plan and plan and plan (what shots does Pan need? what do we need to get at REI? how much soy milk do I need to order? when can I get a doctor's appointment?), spinning my wheels, but not going anywhere.

In summary:
*need job
*job late
*things to do
*incredibly spastic

In the good news department, I was able to talk to Tyler' knee doctor and his physical therapist about my knee. They don't think I have bursitis, but that I just pissed my knee off in some way, and that I should just keep doing what I'm doing (rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, elevate). It's getting better, but slowly. I'm incredibly impatient about it. I think it's mostly because a) I need a functional knee for the upcoming move and job, and b) I'm already feeling self-conscious about gaining weight and being sedentary, so adding the fact that now I have a bad knee and walk around the house like an elderly person doesn't help. BUT, it is getting better, and I am going to be fine, and that is the main thing.

It was incredibly nice of them both to even talk to me, since I'm not their patient and it was free advice. We brought his physical therapist cookies and flowers the next day.

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