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After a thousand years of waiting, we just got the call about 10 minutes ago. We have official offers, and we have accepted.

Our timeline for moving is EXTREMELY short. We are planning to move out of our apartment this coming Sunday, and since Tyler and I both have crap knees, some friends have offered to help, which is incredible.

We're going to put everything into storage in Seattle, and then spend three days there doing last-minute stuff. We will leave Seattle early Thursday morning, then drive to Moscow. We'll spend two days there, visiting the Bitterwolfs, the herbarium, the Kaags, Cort, and signing paperwork. We will leave Moscow on Saturday morning and then spend a night in Lewiston to visit Kim and Dana, once I make sure it's okay with them.

Then Sunday morning, we drive to Cascade (and into Mountain time), pick up perishables at the local grocery store, and fly into the field station as soon as Ray gets out of church.

We've been on the phone all morning with family, landlords, doctors, and insurance people. I need to get Pan some medication and maybe some shots. We've already done a massive shopping trip at Costco, Central Market, and Safeway, so our food needs are basically met. We've been madly dehydrating our favorite pasta sauce, which is good because it means we don't have to fly glass bottles and excess water into the station, but bad because the whole apartment reeks with Extreme tomato smell.

I spent yesterday boxing up all my books...about a dozen boxes in total. I already got my bathroom stuff organized. Today I'm packing knick-knacks, my desk, and excess paperwork. Also my clothes, hopefully.

I had a scare last night when I was walking to the kitchen and I felt my knee suddenly get really hot. I pulled up the leg of my jeans and the skin on my knee was blotchy and red and inflammed. I iced the crap out of it, elevated it, and took extra Advil. The inflammation went away and my knee was not swollen this morning, so so far, so good, I guess.

My doctor says if I can go really easy on the knee (don't lift more than 20 lbs) and it doesn't swell up again after two weeks, I can go back to normal activity. That means the earliest I can consider myself cured is our first day in Moscow. I hope I can keep it together that long.

Even though our timeline is short, I'm not excited about going yet. I think I'll feel better when we actually get into the plane.

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