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I've been sleeping out on the futon for the past few weeks so I can keep my knee elevated.* That's mostly fine, except I sleep late and Tyler doesn't, so I'm out in the thick of things when he gets up in the morning. I usually wake up around 6:00 AM, when Tyler leaves for his morning walk and the cat, who wants to go too, yowls in loneliness until Tyler returns. Then Tyler rides the exercise bike for an hour. Then Pan enters his active morning state and ricochets off my face once every 10 minutes until I inevitably get up.

The effect of all of this is that the early waking and the subconscious insistence on staying asleep have resulted in some really interesting and vivid dreams. And because I'm closer to waking, I'm able to remember them better.

So far they've included:
-watching my dad re-landscape our backyard in a weird and horrible way, and complaining about it with my mom.
-getting kidnapped and held hostage in a giant dollhouse.
-babysitting sharolyn and bgrice's as-yet unborn baby, and doing a really terrible job of it.

My most frequent sentiment upon waking has been "WTF?" Which is actually sort of a fun mindset in which to start the day.

The other weird thing I've noticed about myself is that if I have any slight awareness or control over my dream state, I will always seek to stay asleep and prolong that dream state, even if it's a bad dream. I think it's just because I always want to know what happens next. This is usually when I'm dreaming in late morning, when I have to get up soon. I think I do my best dreaming at that time of day.

*When I have my knee elevated (on a pile of towels), I have to sleep on my back, which I hate. The futon is angled and forces me to stay in that position, while if I'm in bed, I just roll off it and sleep in my usual scrunched-up formation.

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