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Taylor Ranch

Picked this up this morning, before breakfast.

Hello Amie-June,

We have finished evaluating the Taylor Ranch Internship candidates. The top 4 candidates were very close in our evaluation, and you were one of these. At this time, you are one of two alternates. In the event we obtain funding for a 3rd position, or one of the top 2 candidates does not accept, then you will be considered along with the other alternate. You did an excellent job with both the written application and your interview! We will keep you informed as we know more ourselves.

Jim and Holly

It's probably good for me to learn how to deal with disappointment. Still, of all the things I was waiting on, this was the one thing I wanted the most, and I feel like my whole summer just came crashing down into pieces.

There's still a chance I might get it, even though it doesn't look good. Please hope for me. I'm going to go be destroyed for awhile.


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