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While I've never been interested in drugs and alcohol, I realized at some point that being drunk was a human experience that I wanted to try one day, just so I would know what it was like. This is complicated by the fact that I don't really like most alcoholic drinks. Hard cider and Kahlua are the exception, but you'd have to drink a lot of that to get the job done.

Luckily, shrike30 has taken up cocktailcrafting as a hobby. Tyler and I went over to his and bluemoonshark's house the other day. They're caring for all our plants while we're away, so Tyler filled them in on plant care, I helped Blue with her indigo dyeing, and then we trooped back to my house to eat Mexican take-out, watch Juno, and let shrike30 set up bar and play.

Here's what I remember about it.

*It wasn't accidental. My intention from the beginning was to get drunk, because good-tasting cocktails are a good route, and because I was in a comfortable place with good friends around me, and I didn't have to drive. It was a zero-risk environment and a perfect crucible. I sampled every drink and finished every one I liked. I loved it, because it was a fun tasting, not just slamming crappy drinks as a means to an end.

*My favorite drinks were the Strawberry Sling, the Elizabeth Taylor, and the T Shot, which I drank out of a Care Bear glass.

*Because I have science on the brain, I was intentionally reporting how I felt and what I was experiencing throughout. But shrike30 said that was actually normal.

*Crunches are fun while drunk.

*The issue of alcohol absorption rates increasing your intoxication long after you've stopped drinking is totally true.

*You know you're drunk when you have to go get one of your My Little Ponies in order to make a point about something.

*I was pleased and gratified to find that I am a pretty happy, mellow person while drunk, not maudlin or angry. I know that this is probably also affected by the degree of intoxication and the setting, but I was still happy. I looked like my icon, really. I giggled a lot.

*I definitely would not have driven. However, I was still able to walk a totally straight line. shrike30 said that's mostly for TV shows, and doesn't really become problematic unless you're extremely shitfaced, which I was not. I was somewhere between pleasantly tipsy and drunk.

*My speech became much slower and more deliberate, mostly because I wanted to be clearly understood. Tyler said I was easier to understand when I was drunk. He will pay.

*I drank lots of water throughout and wasn't hungover the next day. I slept very well.

*I found that anything that altered momentum jolted me a bit. Like leaning over the kitchen counter. After my body came to a stop, my head would jolt a little bit. It was weird.

I really enjoyed the experience. I don't feel a need to do it often or anytime soon, and I don't think I want to be more inebriated than I was, but it was good times. And now I feel more qualified to talk about it.

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