Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Our time in Seattle has come to a close. We get on the road tomorrow morning, early.

I felt like a raging bitch today. I think a lot of it was because we had stuff to do and I was stressed about details and what-ifs, but I think a big part was also just random. I sometimes wake up and just feel angry about really insignificant things. I told Tyler that he was not to blame for my sniping today, and he was very understanding.

Luckily, despite my inner prediliction to be utterly pissed off today, a lot of good things happened.

We got up early for his eye exam (he needs checkups for his LASIKs every few years or so), which went fine. Our doctor was really nice, and she even let me take a look at the slight scars in Tyler's cornea from the surgery. Nice.

I got my hair cut after that, which always makes me feel good. My hair feels clean and light now, the damaged bits are gone, and I changed my part (for funsies).

Mom got me an early birthday present, which was a quilt at Bed Bath and Beyond that I've wanted for years. Nobody else seems to like it, but I really do. The colors and style just make me feel like I'm at the ocean, for some reason. Our timing was perfect because it turns out that they're discontinuing it, so we got it at half off. Cool.

When I got home, I got out my beading supplies to fix a broken cord on one of Mom's pendants. It turns out I didn't have all the materials I wanted to do the job, but while I was at it, I did a major repair job on one of my most favorite necklaces. I replaced the old leather cord, which had gotten hard and brittle, and replaced two painted beads (one of which had lost all its paint, the other's paint had tarnished and turned green) with new ones. It looks a lot better now, and fixing a necklace that feels so special to me felt really strongly cathartic. I felt less angry after that.

Because I was feeling so good, I pulled out some other beads and made myself a whole new necklace. I used some weirdly ornate beads that I think I got in Yreka when I was sampling last summer, and a leaf pendant that (I think) shaylith gave me a while back. I like it and am wearing it now.

Tyler and I then made one last trip to the storage place to drop off a few odds and ends. I never saw the finished storage job, and was really impressed with how it looked. My other reason for going was that I had planned on taking a beautiful wooden flute with me to the station, and I thought the flute was here at home. After I packed up the apartment and moved out here, I realized that it wasn't, which meant it was buried in the storage facility somewhere. I had one good guess about what box it was in (my wicker trunk, in the far corner of the room and stacked up against the ceiling, and I just barely managed, with a stepladder and a bit of effort, to extract the trunk and open it up. And lo and behold, the flute was there. Finding it and knowing I'd be able to take it with me after all really turned my day around. And the room was so well-organized that it wasn't a problem to obtain it. I had it in three minutes, tops.

Then I came home and watched the second half of Atonement with Mom. It was extremely good, the filming was delicious and beautiful, and the surprise ending just about killed me dead.

After that, we had birthday cake, I packed up my room and picked up odds and ends around the house, and now I think I'll call it a night.

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