Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

It is now certain that we are missing one box. It's not much of a stretch to realize that it probably wasn't labeled correctly, and ended up in the storage unit instead of here. So far, these are the things we know are missing:

*A bunch of Ziploc containers for leftovers
*Some onions (a disgusting thought)
*My rice cooker.


My parents bought me that rice cooker for Christmas one year, and it's probably the best-loved appliance I own. I think I use it once a week, minimum. It's not a major tragedy, since we can cook rice on the stovetop,'s just not the same. It's mushy and wet and it sticks to the pan and all the subtleties of the flavor just seem to get lost.

I was whining about this to Tyler when he was cooking rice for me a few days ago, which he did not appreciate.

They're not expensive, so I guess I could order another one. But I don't want to use more resources, and then I'd have two cookers. Although that might resolve our frequent white rice vs. brown rice debate (I like white, he likes brown, I don't mind mixing, he's a purist.

My birthday turned out fun. I worked a full day, and Jim and Holly came back mid-morning. Tyler baked me my favorite cake and we ate it with Jim and Holly and the three grizzled backwoods carpenters, who all sang to me. Jim and Holly gave me a card and Tyler gave me a few Scott Pilgrim books, which I have enjoyed immensely.

We also went stump shooting in the pasture that night. I wore a climbing glove on my left hand so the fletching didn't cut me anymore, and my accuracy seemed a lot better. There's just so many things to remember when I'm drawing back that I think it may take some time for it to become second nature. But it felt good.

I feel good.

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