Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,


I woke up around 4:00 AM this morning and I wasn't sure why, until I was able to barely discern a sound that it totally unlike the normal sounds here (robins, hummingbirds, creekwater).


It wasn't my alarm clock, nor Tyler's (he's sleeping up in the Taylor Cabin while J and H are gone, to take care of their dog. I tried to go back to sleep and continue my dream, in which I was being fully credited for the writing and directing of Shakespeare in Love, but I could not.


Must! Ignore! Tiny! Noise!


Fine. I got up, put my coat and boots on, fumbled for my headlamp, and staggered out of the cabin. The sound was coming from the still-under-rennovation Dave Lewis Cabin. As I reached the gate, the noise got louder.


After some snooping on the ground, I found it. The smoke detector. It had gotten left outside and (I think) has shorted out in the rain or something. I wrestled it open, yanked the batteries out, and stumbled back to bed, where I spent the next hour trying to get the squeal out of my head so I could sleep, and the next hour dreaming that a small child had sat on my laptop and broken it.


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