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Because all the cabins here are supplied from the west waterbox with the exception of our cabin and the Dave Lewis cabin (under construction), up until this morning, we were the only cabin on the premises with running water. But now our intake has washed away in the flood, and we'll be getting buckets from the creek like everyone else.

Every day the water has gotten a little higher, and overnight, it finally reached the point where we could no longer contain it. The speed of the water coming down Pioneer at a bend by the Hornocker cabin eroded the bank so much that now my favorite footbridge is out. We've tied it down so it can't be washed away, but it's not safe to use and one end has sunk about a foot. The main bridge to the airstrip is also out because the water finally got high enough to start overflowing the banks around it, so you can't reach it without wading.

Our best bridges are the two small footbridges that cross the creek at the fords, one by the corral shed and one above our cabin. The creek is wide enough there to diffuse some of the energy.

Two trees are down across the creek. The airstrip is a lake with geese floating on it. The river jumped its banks onto the north pasture (a floodplain), and is now flowing over it.

We have 20 high school kids and one professor hoping to fly out today, and 3 carpenters and 4 guests hoping to fly in. The only way they can do this now is to hike upstream 6 miles and use the airstrip at Cabin Creek, which is not yet underwater.

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