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Things are...going better.

Big Creek has gone down and our airstrip is no longer flooded. Pioneer has gone down so our bridges are no longer flooded, and the water has started to return to its usual clarity.

In the meantime, though, things are still a bit of a pain. I spent half of yesterday morning helping clear debris off the airstrip (logs and branches and other things the river washed up). The second half was spent standing hip-deep in Pioneer, wearing leaking waders and trying to fix our broken waterbox by clearing sand out of the lines and jamming a 6-foot extension pipe into our intake. The water was so cold it burned like lava.

We eventually got the pipe in, the waterbox filled up, we let it settle for an hour, and then spent 20 minutes bleeding out the water in the lines before we could both take hot showers. That's when we realized that the water didn't work (again), and that the pipe we had just rigged up there had come loose.

I begged off this time, since I was so cold I was having problems doing manual tasks like opening doors, and Tyler got some other people to help fix it (for good, this time). I took the afternoon off. We got a stern talking-to a few days ago because we haven't been taking any days off and we both had 5 or 6 days backed up.

Time-off backlogs are a bad thing here. But we couldn't really do anything about it, because we've had emergencies every day and had people knocking on our doors on days off. Plus, I was trying to stockpile some time off in case I needed to fly out for surgery. We ended up deciding to do a lot of half-days, which has been nice so far. I've gotten some quilt work done, we've beautified the cabin a bit (my bow is now hung up over the bed, not standing on the floor near the stove, eek), and I'll be planting our garden this afternoon (I hope).

We're excited that one of our friendly acquaintances from UI has flown in now. She'll be here for the summer doing woodpecker research.

The airstrip is clear and our mail/grocery/Amazon-birthday-book-order plane is coming in soon. Things are looking up!

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