Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Hey, want to see inside our cabin?

NOTE: All these pictures ARE ANNOTATED! Click on them to go to the Flickr site and read my riveting commentary.

This is our cabin, the caretaker's cabin, Arlow's cabin.

This is our tiny kitchen. Occupancy: 0.75 persons.

Here's a better look out that window. That's the Dave Lewis cabin in the background, under rennovation. The workshop is on the right, and is immediately next door to us. Note the riot of hummingbirds. Our record at that feeder so far is 12. Pan is entranced.

More of the same.

Here's the view out of our other kitchen window. That building off in the distance is the Lab.

View from the kitchen towards our sleeping area.

I totally had that area all cleaned up and nice for the picture, then the picture didn't turn out, and by the time I realized it, Tyler was sleeping on the bed. SO THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

Sitting on the bed, looking back at our kitchen. That wood stove (it is actually a trash burner) was made at a steel works in Everett, WA, where my dad works. Cool!

This is our desk (next to the bed), and the only seating area in the whole cabin. It attracts a lot of stuff.

Of course there's a picture of the bathroom. Why wouldn't there be?

We have a back door in our bathroom that leads to the deck. Here it is! We haven't sat out there yet. It's been too rainy or cold for that. But soon! The green mass is the riparian area around Pioneer Creek. We're only 30 feet away from it.

Ta da!

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