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Remember the problem I had with my car not starting that time last summer?

It happened again!

Now I am stranded in Boise!

I had just finished my TR shopping at a big box store this afternoon and was ready to hit the grocery stores for some personal shopping, then stay with Tyler's grandma another night and fly back into the station tomorrow. When I tried to start my car, that same thing happened...the ignition seemed to work fine, but the engine didn't seem to want to take. When I released the ignition, the engine would either die entirely, or run so low that I would have almost no power steering and gas. Getting the car moving quickly with some momentum did not help. It would die as soon as we came to a stop (intersections are fun!)

I just BARELY managed to limp the car through the parking lot and across the highway to a Goodyear service center, which was the nearest source of help I could see. The guy there tried my car and found the same thing, and wondered if it was a problem with my fuel pump. Um, I don't know? They were closing, so I left the car there and took a cab back to Grandma's (I didn't have her phone number, and I didn't want her to come all across town to get me).

So, I am stuck. And upset and shaky. I feel kind of vulnerable without my car. It's my only familiar place and form of transportation in a city I don't know very well, and with no friends and almost no family.

I'm glad I at least have a place to stay. After I calmed down, I took a walk through the park and met up with my Aunt-in-law and my three (new!) younger cousins, all of whom are under 12 and think I am just the coolest. It's hard not to take that as a drastic emotional boost.

I called Cascade and canceled my flight tomorrow. I emailed the station and I really hope they're not mad at me. I'm going to call the service center tomorrow. If they can fix it, great. If they can't fix it, or if the car is mysteriously fine again after an overnight stay and they can't find a problem (like last year), I'm driving it or towing it to a Ford dealership for a diagnostic. Idaho is too damn rural for me to be driving around hoping my car won't randomly fail to start. I'm lucky enough as it is that it broke down in the city.


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