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So, the car place tried to start my car this morning, and it started right up like nothing was wrong.

"What, broken down? Me? Surely not!"

They did some diagnostics and couldn't find anything wrong with the car. Computer stuff and electrical stuff all checked out. However, they did discover that I'm way overdue for a tune-up around my fuel fuel filter and fuel injectors and all that (fuel rell?), and that could have been the problem. The symptoms I experienced might be expected if there was a problem getting fuel to the engine.

Also, I guess I have almost no front brakes? I checked, and my brake job two years ago didn't do my front brakes...just my rear and parking brakes. So, I'm getting new brakes. Even though coming to a stop was clearly not a problem.

The car should be done around 2:00 PM. It's already too late to fly back into the station today, so I don't know if I'll have to schedule a new flight for the weekend, or horn in on the existing Monday flight, which will be full of interns and their summer gear.

EDIT: Aaaand now they are also replacing my shocks too. This is not too much of a surprise; I knew they were in bad shape. It is a good thing I have a job.

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