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If you read my last entry (depressing, no?), you're probably worried about Tyler's knee, so I'll talk about that first.

Tyler had been worried about his knee for a while, and a few weeks ago, set aside some of his paycheck and sprung for a really nice knee brace. It's big, with metal struts and is fitted to his knee with the measurements he sent. It arrived while I was in Boise.

Tyler's been wearing it for several days now, and has already noticed a huge difference in the way his knee feels. As of this morning, he said his knee now feels as tight and as firm as the day we arrived at the station. This is a HUGE deal. So, he has every intention of continuing to wear it as the ligament is slowly replaced with Tyler's own tissue, which is a dangerous time. Maybe it just got a little stretched. We're hoping we caught it in time.

At the very least, wearing the brace stabilizes his knee enough that there's no problem doing his daily work, so there's no reason he'd lose his job. Nobody is mad at us. And even if he had blown the graft, he wouldn't lose his job...they'd just have me help him more.

I drove back from Boise yeterday morning. It was peaceful and pleasant. I had a cold drink, nobody was on the road, and there were 5 hot air balloons rising softly in the sky. Cascade was socked in with fog, but I unloaded all my stuff on the tarmac and parked the car, and by the time I'd gotten the loose items boxed up, the air was clear and ready to fly.

We loaded the plane and headed out. The sky was beautiful. We came up from Rush Creek (south), which was a new experience, and Ray even did a flyby of the lookout on Rush Creek Point that I'd done a solo overnight hike to years ago. We landed from the east, which was also a new experience (and a very exciting approach).

Everyone seems happy with what I bought. I spent the afternoon moving TR stuff into the airstrip shed (I'll distribute it on Monday) and moving our stuff up to our cabin, while Tyler put it away. It's amazing how much nicer our cabin feels with pretty new dishtowels and hot pads and kitchen implements (like a complete set of measuring cups). I also got bathmats for our bathroom, which Pan loves, sleeping on each one in turn. He does NOT like our bristly new doormats, but I do. Our floor dirt has been massively reduced.

I slept in this morning, checked my email, and then spent several hours with Tyler, planting our garden out front. We brought seeds in with us (we're putting kale and a salad mix in this particular plot), and I brought back some tomato starts from Boise to add to the garden, plus marigolds (for me) and lobelia (for Tyler) to make a pretty border. I love it, Tyler loves it, and it looks great. We also hung up our prayer flags above the kitchen windows, and the bells sound wonderful.

I'm enjoying the peace of a day off. Friday feels, quite literally, like a bad dream. Now it is raining, and when it's done, I might go do some archery.

All is well.

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