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Yesterday was the day to take off Pan's paw bandage. His broken toe is taped in two places, there were stitches in his paw, and there was cotton batting, vetwrap, and tape over all of that.

Mind you, getting this off required about 45 minutes of making tiny tiny nips with ineffectual scissors, while Pan was wrapped in a blanket and pinned by at least two other people.

Needless to say, once the bandage came off, Pan had torn his toe tape off within an hour. Plus, he hated us all forever. And his paw was bleeding a bit because he took the stitches out too.

He seems better this morning, and not so freaked out. His broken toe sticks out a bit, like a velociraptor. There's nothing we can do about it now, so he'll just have to deal for a few weeks. The bleeding also stopped, so I'm hoping that's just the aftermatch of the stitches. It was only a few drops here and there anyway.

He doesn't seem to trust us at the moment, and I got scratched last night when I was trying to fix his toe, so I feel kinda crappy.
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