Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

The unlucky

We have a graduate student here doing research on rattlesnakes. While that's ordinarily a high-risk sort of topic, he's never been bitten. However, he was evacuated out of here for the 2006 fires, and had to be flown out last year for a bad gash on his finger (broken glass).

Last week, the day after his parents left from a week-long visit, he was running a very high fever and seemed really out of it. By the next morning, he had muscular aches, headache, and bad chills. This was all very indicative of tick fever, so we flew him out. He spent a few hours in the ER in Boise, got on antibiotics, and felt better right away. He's still on antibiotics, but he flew back in yesterday.

About two hours ago, he was walking down a hill and fell.

Onto his telemetry antenna.

Which went into his eye.

It punctured his eyelid and went pretty deep into the socket. The bleeding is minimal and there's no fluids, but he had a good headache. We don't know the extent of the damage. So, we flew him out again. The plane just left and they're going straight to Boise.

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