Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

So, what else has been going on?

*I found an absolutely fantastic French bread recipe. I made it last week and am baking my second batch right now. It's easy, it's fun to make, and it tastes every bit as good as store-bought bread, if not better. The only challenge is finding an oven. My oven doesn't work. The lab oven runs way too hot. The DeVlieg oven runs way too cool (which is why my first rhubarb pie turned out to be CrunchPie), and the Dave Lewis oven explodes.

*I read the fifth novel by a favorite author of mine, Tracy Chevalier, who also wrote Girl With a Pearl Earring. It was called Burning Bright, and it was BORING AS HELL. Hear that, llellewyn? Do not read this book.

*Tyler and I have finally, for the first time ever, been able to hang up and use the Treehugger hammock we bought together at Folklife back in, what, 2004? Jeez. We hung it up in the apple trees outside our cabin. It is bliss.

*Now that the haying is over, the stock are let out in our main pasture, so we see them all the time. Pan is not sure what he thinks of them, but they are very big. Cricket has been starting into our kitchen window, looking vacant. Penny and Cricket keep coming over and wanting me to scratch their nipples. I feel so used!

*We bought our plane tickets and will be flying back to Seattle on August 9th, to celebrate bluemoonshark and shrike30's wedding. We will also drive back to Port Angeles for a day to Tyler can visit his knee surgeon and see what's up. I am also throwing bluemoonshark a bridal shower on August 10th. Blue, send me your list! I must order invites! Then Tyler will fly back to Boise/Cascade, and Mom and I will drive back to Cascade (probably with a carload of food), and Mom will fly in to visit for a week.

*Speaking of visitors, Doc is coming to visit us at the end of the month. Yay! His visit also coincides with Tyler's and my first wedding anniversary. Our wedding was so great, you guys.

*We have been swimming in the river. It is cold and lovely.

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