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August Post 2: Blue and Mike Get Married

Saturday, August 16th, was shrike30 and bluemoonshark's wedding day!

We all woke up early and grabbed some breakfast, then loaded up vehicles and headed out. Tyler and I rode together a few minutes behind shrike30 and bluemoonshark, and mattsp, his older sister, and girlscoutchick headed out after us.

We drove up just past Marysville to Arlington, then got off the freeway and headed east on some little windy back roads until we got to the park, a pretty out-of-the-way meadow next to a river, lined with trees. M&D had reserved some picnic shelters, but we mostly wanted the seating, so we moved picnic tables around while the numerous other campers watched us, and the rental place set up two tents. M and Doug also had to put out a campfire from the previous night, containing (apparently) a tent and someone's shoe.

The caterers came and started setting up their stuff. D's parents came with a carload of flowers and her grandmother started setting them up...purple irises in tall, clear tumblers (very graceful). M&D sat down to figure out their vows (M briefly planned the defense against the zombie attack), and Tyler sat out of the way and figured out the rest of the ceremony as the rest of the crowd bustled around him.

At some point, some other campers stole four of our lawn chairs (to be used as grandparent seating during the mostly-standing ceremony), and we didn't know what had happened to them until we found them abandoned at the river a few hours later.

Photographer spadoink arrived with the lovely uniqueunorque, and we had a great time visiting and catching up.

I eventually vanished into an aunt's RV to change into my dress, along with the other bridesmaids. My dress had a tight bodice and was not of a natural fiber, which was a little difficult on a day as (surprisingly) hot and humid as this one was. But it was sleeveless, short, and swishy, so I had lots of fun wearing it. Blue changed into her wedding dress that she had only just finished a day or two before (hemming was the last step). It was a (I think) silk charmuse, personally hand-dyed indigo, bias-cut and cowl-necked. Technical difficulty: EXTREMELY HIGH. The color was perfect, it draped beautifully, and it looked lovely on her.

The ceremony was short and sweet, as they wished. Tyler officiated with a brief speech and then the exchange of vows the couple had just written. Blue said yes, and Mike responded with an on-the-spot happy dance. They exchanged brushed titanium rings...very cool. Blue and I had just picked them up a few days before.

The wedding lunch was delicious, and I chatted with a few of the caterers. None of them had been the caterers for my wedding a year before, but they had heard good things about it, which made me feel good. Mike and Blue cut the cake and speeches were given with lots of smiles.

After a few hours, guests started to trickle out. Mike, to his credit, managed to stay in his suit the entire afternoon despite the heat. Most of the wedding party went down to the river later in the afternoon for wading and pictures, which was fun (and we found the missing lawn chairs). We found a diamond watch lying in the parking lot. Did we ever figure out who that belonged to?

We changed back into street clothes and loaded up the cars with flowers, gifts, and stuff. The plan was to reconvene at Mike and Blue's house, so Jessica rode with me (we cranked up the AC full blast) and Tyler rode with spadoink.

The rest of the evening was lying around Mike and Blue's living room, eating wedding leftovers, laughing, drinking things that Mike gave us, and just having fun. Mike knocked me down with a Long Island Iced Tea (potent, but not as delicious as the Mojito that followed) and I spent a happy few hours tispy and talking about sci-fi/fantasy literature with decuto, girlscoutchick, mattsp, and cathexis. It was a LOT more fun than it should have been.

Then around 10:00, Matt got up and very elegantly threw everyone out, and we went to bed.

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