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August Post 3: Stuff I Already Forgot to Write About

A few nights before the wedding (I forget which night it was), some of Blue's other friends threw her a bachelorette party. They gave her her choice of a dueling piano bar, a cabaret, or a bar that may or may not have had a mechanical bull. Blue picked the cabaret.

Mike and Tyler drove us downtown and dropped us near Pike Place Market. We quickly connected with Tara (an old friend from high school) and went to the Alibi Room, a nice lounge underneath the market that you enter through an alleyway. Tara ordered appetizers and we all ordered a cocktail as other girls trickled in.

No bachelorette party is complete without some identification of who the victim is. Blue had repeatedly and violently emphasized "NO PENISES," and we complied. The friend that organized the party arrived with a shiny blue cardboard tiara with long blue veil and sparkly blue wire. I augmented this with a sparkly plastic tiara into which I'd woven blue glowsticks. The effect was resplendent. Blue actually liked it enough to wear it the rest of the night and the morning and evening of the wedding day, which was awesome. She also wore it when Mike sent us on a liquor store run when we got back to her house after the wedding, purchasing at least 6 or 7 bottles of various intoxicants. The cashier didn't even bat an eye, and she only carded me...which was good, because Blue forgot her wallet.

After everyone had arrived, we briefly admired an alleyway mural made entirely of chewed gum, then we moved to the Can Can, which was just under the corner of the Pike Place flower market. It looked like an old-style cabaret...dark, red lights, vintage decor. It was bloody hot, but it was a small space full of people, so I expected that. We all ordered drinks, I ordered a creme brulee by accident, and we all enjoyed the show. Scantily-clad people in cool costumes dancing to fun or campy music. I think my favorite piece was The Vladimir Show, where a bare-chested guy in wig and leggings hauled up two people on stage and danced around them to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," while we all sang along at the tops of our lungs and waved candles around. I really enjoyed some of the new music, especially the Eartha Kitt. I waylaid the DJ after the show and wrote down some of the songs.

Good times.

The other thing I forgot was that Tyler and I went out for a belated anniversary dinner. Our first anniversary was in July, but it was at a time when a) Jim and Holly were gone, and b) we had guests, so we were extra-busy and didn't have much time for each other. So, we made up for it. Blue had decided she didn't want the gorgeous blue dress she made to wear to my wedding, so she gave it to me (I like it much better than my own wedding dress, even). It looks great on me and I love it, so I wore that to dinner and Tyler dressed up to. We went to Blue C sushi, because I could NOT get enough sushi on my trip home. I wasn't done being pretty after that, so we just walked around Alderwood Mall for a while, which is a little ghetto, but we had a lot of fun and we really, really needed the break for each other.

Other things I forgot: enjoying dinner from Little Thai with Mike and Blue, driving around town to find Sticky Boobs for the dress (dress does not work with conventional bras), picking up the rings at the jewelry store, helping clean their house and having SEVERE house envy. Mike and Blue's new place is on a very quiet street above Greenlake, and comes with pleasant Arts and Crafts architecture, Backyard With Treehouse, Majestic Walnut Tree, Pretty Sunroom, Fireplace, and Friends (Mike, Blue, and Matt). We didn't ever want to leave.

A word on alcohol: this is probably weird for some of my friends to read, knowing that I don't like alcohol and almost never drink it. I found that I really enjoy a lot of cocktails, because there's infinite flavor variations and because in a lot of them (or at least in the ones I like), you can't taste the alcohol, which is mostly the point for me. Plus, I have the luxury of being friends with someone that likes making cocktails and testing them on people (cheers, Mike). I don't mind changing my opinions when new information comes in.

So far, my favorites have been cocktails that are either light, clear, and fizzy, or cocktails that are sweet and creamy.

Things I drank during the vacation:
"Sex on the Beach" (Macaroni Grill). Strong, too sticky.
"Hmmm, I think it's a Fresca" (Alibi Room). Absolutely delicious, clear, and fizzy.
"Long Island Iced Tea" (Mike). Strong.
"Mojito" (Mike). Clear, flavorful, and delicious enough to ask for seconds.
"Elizabeth Taylor" (Mike). Fruity, beautiful, but strong.
"T-Shot" (Mike). Creamy and delicious.
"Kahlua and Cream" (Can Can). Creamy and delicious.

Songs I downloaded during the vacation:
Gogol Bordello: "Start Wearing Purple" (Can Can)
Eartha Kitt: "Mink Shmink" (Can Can)
The Bad Things: "Kill Yourself" (Can Can)
Edith Piaf: "La Vie en Rose" (Can Can)
Jonathan Coulton: "Code Monkey" (Matt)
Jonathan Coulton: "Re: Your Brains" (Matt)
SWV: "Right Here (Human Nature Remix)" (MOViN 92.5 FM)
The Roots: "What They Do" (YouTube)
James Darren: "It's Only a Paper Moon" (DS9)
Frank Sinatra: "I'll Be Seeing You" (DS9)

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