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August Post 4: The Time Between the Wedding and When I Left Seattle

Am I done dominating your F-list yet? NO.

I was woken by angry screams the morning after the wedding, which turned out to have been a loud neighbor. Whew. Tyler and I loaded our stuff into the car and drove over to Mercer Island, where Mike's mom was throwing the newlyweds a post-wedding brunch. We found the house with no trouble and enjoyed a lovely meal...fruit, cookies, muffins, etc. I had a fun chat with the Mikes spadoink, shrike30, said goodbye to most of the wedding guests and friends I would not see again for a long time, had a nice visit with shrike30's mom, and accidentally spilled coffee on a friendly older gentleman.

Tyler stayed at the brunch, but I left early and booked it back to my parents' house because my parents were throwing a party for a few of Dad's friends from work. Dad officially retired just a few days ago after 35 years working at Boeing, but he had so much vacation time saved that his last day of work was effectively in June. His friends and coworkers threw him a HUGE retirement bash...slideshow, buffet, speeches, the works. Two hundred people came, including two of Boeing's vice presidents. I was sad to miss it. Our party was to be a thank-you for the planners of the first party.

The kitchen was a shambles when I arrived. Mom was warming quiches in the oven and trying to clean up Jason and Ilana's mess from the night before. Ilana was making fruit salad, Jason was filling cream puffs. I took over the dishes and made mom's sesame chicken salad, and we had almost all the food finished by the time the first guests arrived. I socialized a little bit, but I didn't know most of the people and kept a largely low profile. Dad toured people around the house, socialized, and played a round of croquet. It was a good time, and I got to see the slide show Dad's friends had made for him. It was fun. Then I got some overpriced take-out Thai food, went back to Mike and Blue's, and visited with everyone while they opened their wedding presents. Tyler spent the night again, but I went home.

As mundane as it sounds, I spent most of the next day cleaning my room. I hate it when I come home after being away and my room is an unusuable mess, which is often, because when I'm gone, my parents keep putting stuff in it. I cleaned it out that day and felt a lot better, and then went over to Mike and Diana's and picked up Tyler. We then drove over to Redmond, because Jeni and Taylor were briefly in town and we wanted to see them before heading out again. We had a nice visit in Devon and Stacey's glorious remodeled house (more House Envy), petted the dogs, played with Taylor and Riley, and did come catching up. It was too short, but still good. We headed home after dark.

Tyler got picked up by Shuttle Express on Tuesday morning and flew back to Boise. He met his parents there, and picked up the new propane stove for our cabin that's been on backorder and was supposed to have arrived months ago, then loaded it in my car and drove up to Cascade to catch the Wednesday mail plane.

I spent Tuesday hanging out with Mom. I went with her to a dermatology appointment, we got sushi for lunch, and we shopped around a little bit for clothes for her (no luck). It was a good time. When we got home, I packed my things and loaded her car. That was my last night home in Seattle.

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