Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Tomorrow I will fly out of Taylor and spend the afternoon running some errands in Boise. I am really hoping my car doesn't cause any problems.

Tuesday, I fly to Albuquerque to attend a conference on Environmental Information Management. I will do that for the rest of the week, then have the weekend and a few extra days leave to visit family in Los Alamos.

I also plan to check an empty cooler on my flight and fill it up in Albuquerque with frozen green chile. I don't know if I will get hassled about this. I emailed some questions to the airline (Frontier), but didn't hear anything back.

The last few days I have mostly been puppysitting--keeping the 13-week old beast (Kea) from chewing the furniture, chewing electrical cords, chewing me, etc. The best way to handle her is to give her three long walks a day and wear her out so much that she sleeps in between.

That is all.

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