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So it's Sunday, Tyler's off on a hike with Jim, and I have a leisurely morning ahead of me, so I decide to take the time to have a nice, non-cold cereal oatmeal with lots of honey. I warm the milk on the stove, cook the oats, pour it in the bowl, stir in the honey, and sit down on the bed with my book.

Meanwhile, Pan is in a hyper mood, and before I have even taken one bite of my breakfast, he comes flying up from behind the bed and in one Superman-like leap, lands squarely IN my bowl of oatmeal. Half of my hot, sticky oatmeal slops onto the bed and soaks through the top three blankets, some goes on my brand-new book (Penny Arcade 5: The Case of the Mummy's Gold), and Pan streaks across the bed and pillows with oatmeal paws and disappears into the bathroom.

So I spend the rest of the morning doing three loads of laundry (I needed to do at least one anyway), sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and cleaning the rest of the cabin while I'm at it.

Now I'm lying on my unmade bed, updating my journal while Pan climbs the laundry rack in the bathroom. It is his jungle gym.

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