Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Future planning

So, here's the plan for the next few months:

We're going to be flying out of Taylor Ranch on Halloween (cat in tow) and will drive home to Seattle, likely stopping on the way to visit naturamother, shaylith, and the Bitterwolfs. We'll spend a couple of weeks in Seattle. Then we will fly out of Seattle on November 15th, leaving the car and the Pan-cat (still trying to find a kittysitter).

We will spend two weeks in Los Alamos with Tyler's family. Then we will fly out of Los Alamos on Thanksgiving Day (it was cheaper) and return to Boise, spend a night with his family there, and then fly back into Taylor on November 28th. We will be at Taylor for a month, taking care of the facilities and the animals while one of the directors is getting his hip replaced (and recovering from it).

Around December 20th, we will fly out of Taylor, get a ride down to Boise, and probably fly home to Seattle. We'll be reunited with Pan-cat and have Christmas at home, and then have the next two months off, returning to Taylor in early March.

Ta da!

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