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Things I did today...

*Breakfast (oatmeal)
*Farmer's market. Bought chilies, dried pepper plants, tomatoes
*Bought envelopes, paper for project
*Browsed bookstore
*Lunch (cheese curds and bread)
*Homework (Ephil readings and questions)
*Errands. Got ticket for next drag show, candy corn for me, darning needles, pipecleaners, video.
*Graded papers and strung a chile ristra while watching Babe
*Dinner (green beans and mushrooms)
*Turned on some Puccini and FINALLY added Tyler's Watchdragon and bluemoonshark's Gold Canyon/Black Mountain Dragons to the key, darn me.

Things yet to do...
*Add MY dragons to the key
*Take bath, scrub pony skuzz, curl pony hair
*Eat chocolate, read book or watch The Scarlet Letter
*Read letter from Tyler :) :) :)

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