Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen, my family in the midwest

From: My uncle
To: My dad

(link to some article about Obama being a muslim terrorist)

From: My dad
To: My uncle

Thanks but I am voting for Obama.

From: My uncle
To: My dad

I know you are voting for Obama, which of course is your right. I just wanted you to know that Obama is for the killing of unborn babies and for letting babies born alive from botched abortions to die. That is that he would not let out of his committee a bill that would give medical services to these babies.
The abortion clinics put these live babies in the trash or lay them on a table till they die. No attempt is given to keep them alive. I only tell you this because as I talk to people about this, they are unaware of his views on this.

I just want you to be informed.

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