Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

And then there was Christmas!

Christmas was great, as usual. The blanket of snow that had flomped all over Seattle was absolutely glorious, and it stuck around long enough to give me my first honest-to-dog White Christmas I'd ever had in my life...big fat flakes on Christmas morning and everything. I loved it.

I decorated the tree the first day we were home, and Tyler chipped snow and ice out of the driveway so we could foray out for a few last-minute gifts (and cat food, and cat litter). We sat in front of the fire, wrapped presents, and played with the cat. It was great.

The cats made out better than any of us when we did the stockings on Christmas Eve, with plenty of toys and treats. On Christmas morning, Santa brought Pan an enormous 5-foot tall climbing tower, complete with high perch at the top and two cubbies below. Pan has enjoyed it immensely so far. I got 4 packages of Milano cookies, on which I am still nibbling happily, and a big book about all the species of extinct humans (Australopithecus afarensis, Homo neanderthalensis, etc.).

Christmas morning was wonderful as usual. I got up early to sit by the tree for a while and start a fire. I was very happy to get the Planet Earth DVD's, which I cracked open just this afternoon. I also got the 7th season of Scrubs, a pretty bracelet, a new sheath knife, a scrummy pair of knitted armsocks, and a set of eight Pez dispensers made to look like the original cast of Star Trek. I got Tyler a new Leatherman tool, a new utility knife for my Dad, some art books for my Mom, chocolate molds for Jason, and an oil lamp for Ilana. It was really nice.

We maintained our tradition of No TV on Christmas. I made Mom and Dad breakfast in bed before presents, and we played dominoes later. Sandwiches for lunch, along with handfuls of cream puffs Jason and Ilana had made the night before, and Eggplant Parmesan for an informal dinner.

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