Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

So, we finally got our act together, and my Dad and I are leaving for Las Vegas on Saturday morning!

This is sort of a Christmas gift/retirement gift to Dad/graduation present for AJ combination trip. Mom's been wanting to do this for a while, since both Dad and I kind of needed a break. We've been thinking about it for a year and making idle plans for it, but it didn't actually come together until last week. I made all the reservations online on Christmas Eve afternoon.

I have no interest in gambling. However, we are going to a show each of the four nights we will be there. As follows:

Sat: O (the Cirque du Soleil water show)
Sun: Mamma Mia! (my Dad loves ABBA)
Mon: LOVE (Cirque du Soleil with Beatles music)
Tues: Blue Man Group (wah ha ha)

We weren't planning to leave for the trip so soon, but Dad really loves Mamma Mia! (has the movie and everything), and it leaves Las Vegas on Sunday, so we'll be there closing night. I am a logistics guru, by the way.

We will be staying at the Bellagio, which rocks so hard.

So, here's what else we're hoping to see and do. Please post any ideas or advice if I've missed anything, because I'd love your input.

*Fountains at Bellagio (outdoor water show, free)
*Conservatory at Bellagio (really cool indoor garden, free)
*Fall of Atlantis (fountain/aquarium/show at Caesar's Palace, free)
*4-D Special Effects Theatre (Circus Circus)
*Adventuredome (thrill rides at Circus Circus)
*World's Largest Permanent Circus (acrobatics above casino floor, Circus Circus, free)
*Wildlife Habitat (indoor aviary at the Flamingo, free)
*IMAX Theatre (Luxor)
*In Search of the Obelisk (historical-sorta motion-sensor ride, Luxor)
*King Tut's Tomb (exact tomb replica, Luxor)
*Shark Reef (glorified aquarium, Mandalay Bay)
*Lion Habitat (lions! MGM Grand)
*Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat (Mirage)
*Roller Coaster (on the strip, New York, New York)
*Eiffel Tower (1/2 scale, Paris)
*Masquerade Village (Carnival-style parade floats suspended from ceiling, Rio)
*Speed (roller coaster ride, Sahara)
*Insanity (high-altitude spin ride, Stratosphere)
*X-Scream (high-altitude teeter-totter ride, Stratosphere)
*Stratosphere Observation Tower
*Bodies: The Exhibition (NOT Bodyworks, but I still want to see it. Tropicana)
*Sirens of Treasure Island (sleazy pirate show, Treasure Island)
*Gondola Rides (Venetian)
*Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (Venetian)

It's tacky and gimmicky, I know...but I'm okay with that. I want a vacation.

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